Silk Scarf, Beauty Weapon in the Office

Published: 27th September 2011
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Office ladies of these days wrack their brains to make themselves look beautiful, elegant and suitable for the office environment. They may buy expensive makeups, wear high-class suits or jewelries. One of the most powerful weapons for office ladies is silk scarf. Silk scarf displays women’s femininity and grace. Here are 10 exquisite silk scarves that are specially chosen for office wearing.

1. Color white is always a classic choice if a lady wants to look elegant and mature. This white small square silk scarf is specially designed for office ladies. Its color, the soft pink and white, gives pleasure to people’s eyes, and its square shape can best match work suits.

2. This black and white large square satin silk scarf can also make an office lady look elegant and independent. Its mature color match makes it a perfect choice for a colored work suit, such as a pink one or a light green one.

3. This white square silk scarf with black dots on it gives people a false illusion of a necklace when it is wrapped around the neck. The dots are round and mellow, showing off women’s beautiful skin. And the golden patterns on it make a golden necklace come alive.

4. This rosy twill silk scarf gives any girl a good and healthy complexion. Its rosy color, matched up with girls’ cheeks, makes girls look more dynamic. And it is a lifesaver for a dull suit, such as a grey one or a black one.

5. This silk scarf contains blue, ivory, brown and yellow within the small square peace. The fun color match make working suits come alive, and the smacking patterns also make office ladies look young.

6. Blue is a fantastic choice in working apparels these years. This blue and white silk scarf brings a sense of oriental beauty to the office environment. It gives people the illusion about Chinese porcelain, by which it makes women more feminine.

7. If it is for summer use, this green square silk scarf is a wonderful choice. Its light color brings a soft breeze in summer days, and its texture calms people down by touching them softly and gently.

8. Any Chinese culture fan would love this red Chinese traditional pattern silk scarf. It shows off women’s dignity and elegance in such a serious situation as office area, and its fascinating color contrast gives women fairer skin color.

9. Purple is a color of romance. And it can best accord the serious atmosphere in the office area. This purple silk scarf, designed with the hottest leopard print patterns, suits any women who want to look beautiful, graceful and a little cute at work.

10. Black is also one of the most fancied colors in the office area. This black square silk scarf makes women look mature and beautiful. It is a perfect choice for a working suit of light color.

Silk scarf is a powerful beauty weapon in the office. Every woman should have a few silk scarves of different colors and styles in her closet. As for how to wear silk scarf, many silk scarf selling websites offer customers tips about wearing it. Don’t hesitate in picking a few silk scarves for yourself.

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