MH Industry: A Highlight in 109th Canton Fair

Published: 20th July 2011
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Canton fair is a major event in China which attracts numerous foreign purchasers to seek deals every year. It is also a barometer for the situation of China’s exports, indicating the changes in foreign orders.

The 109th canton fair is divided into three sessions. The first session is mainly attended by electromechanic products manufacturers. Though there is an increase in the quantity of arriving overseas traders, the orders in real term decline comparing with the previous year. The dip in traditional markets like EU and US is accompanied by a rise in ASEAN countries and BRIC countries. From this we could take a glimpse of how the global financial crisis remold the economic landscape. And the second session of canton fair, which is mainly for the exhibition of light industry products, sees a similar situation with the first session of the fair.

As to the third session of canton fair, textile products stand in the center of the stage. Nearly 4177 enterprises at home and form abroad, an increase of 177 over the previous year, exhibit their sample products in the fair, trying to seize substantial orders from the participating traders. However, despite of the increase in the number of exhibiters, the overall situation for textile product exports are still depressing.

Exhibiters at the site are widely loaded with a multiple of pressures which include rising raw material prices, increasing labor cost and foreign exchange rate. One of the textile product exhibiter complains that the rise in the price of materials for apparels has severely decreased their gross profit. And he is just one representative of numerous Chinese textile product manufacturers.

Nevertheless, the third session of canton fair still let us see a glimpse of hope. For example, MH Industry, a veteran participator of canton fair, plays to its form. It has 18 brand exhibition stands staffed by 22 persons in this session of canton fair. Actually, the number of its stands is on a constant increase every year along with its development. Tracing back to the year 2000, the first time when MH Industry took presence in this grand trading event, it had only a small exhibition stand rented from others. But after a short time span of eleven years, it now already has more than a dozen of its own exhibition stands. What a change! On the site, there is a continuous inflow of foreign purchasers come over to its exhibition stands, inquiring about its most updated sample products. This seems to show that its brand strategy saves it from the influence of a flurry of negative factors.

In spite of the changing situation in the international market, the canton fair is still growing, so is MH Industry.

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