How to Make Silk Scarf

Published: 17th August 2011
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Speaking of silk scarves, you may think of China, the cradle of silk. Since ancient time, silk has been the favor of women. They love silk handkerchief, silk clothes and silk scarves. Nowadays, silk scarves have led the new trend in fashion world. No fashion show can be a success without the decoration of silk scarves. We love silk scarves and we buy them for ourselves. However, facing such pretty scarves, have you ever wondered how they could be made into such beauties? Have you ever thought where they come from? Of course, you will say that even fools know they are made of silk. But my point is how to change the plain silk into those colorful butterflies. Just follow me, and I‘ll tell you answers.

First of all, before you’re going to do something, you should work out the plan. It is the same with silk scarves making. The superior scarves you have seen are usually designed by world masters in the industry; they might draw thousands of patterns and color them to achieve the most satisfactory one. Different designers prefer different styles of patterns, abstract, cute or cartoon styles.

Secondly, after approval of the pattern, the technicians are going to prepare dye, which is an important part of the whole process because it directly relates to scarves’ appearance. Technicians are supposed to make the colors for dye exactly the same with design model, by boiling, heating or color mixing.

Thirdly, it is time to make engraving when the pattern and color are well papered. Almost each different color has its own engraving. This process requires high technique and patience. The degree of difficulty by doing this is no less than that of Chinese print. Usually, it will take 600 hours to make the engraving for one piece of silk.

Fourthly, technicians are in charge of dyeing when the engraving has been finished. The process of dyeing is done on a 100-meter table. They must pour the dye liquids with certain speed in order to make superior scarves. Dyed scarves need to be steamed.

Finally, the steamed scarves are supposed to be finished after the last process-crimping.

After all those complicated processes only can you see pretty silk scarves. Now let’s have a look at those gorgeous silk scarf on Inetsilk scarves wholesale. This is a cotton scarf, with, softest hand feel, pretty screen printed, fine machine hemmed edge. We can understand that the pattern of this one is so delicate that it must require sophisticate technicians to make the engraving for it and carefully dye it.

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